Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Our pool is so cold not even 65 degrees but it did not stop Sam. We have to limit his time in there so he does not freeze. Silly kid. I am sure he will have a cold within a week. I laugh at his outfit. He is an amazing swimmer but on goes all this extra stuff and he find it hard to swim in?? Go figure.
Today I started painting our office. It is hard to get use to I only have the primer on. This primer has a tint we are covering a very dark wall. No one is too sure about it. I will put on one part of the wall and let it sit to see if we like it or not. Of course I may have forgotten to mention it to my husband...good thing he just came home now!
We heard thunder tonight. Today was warmer and during our walk tonight it really was beautiful no wind and I could be in a t-shirt.
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