Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today I was off to town early to have my hair cut and meet Miss Nana. Then Allan and I made a quick trip to Kamloops. Allan needed something for the truck so he dropped me off at Micheal's then Chapters. We had our quick Triple Berry Fix then home again. We sure do some whirl wind trips. I like those best as I hate to be away from home for too long.
I now need to finish painting my other half of the computer room. I will start that probably Saturday as tomorrow is a track meet day. gosh I hope it warms up for the kids.
Tomorrow Allan is going to drive a loader for someone and our own truck will still sit... way too wet. It is suppose to warm up this weekend so cross your fingers he can haul next week.
If any of you watched the Kamloops news tonight the fire crew on the news was Jordan. He built the little house in the pictures and he was the one you can see putting the hose in the water. We get so excited to see him. Well I am off to get ready for bed and then wait for Miss Nana to call.

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