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Monday, June 28, 2010

These are Sam's little ducks they are very, very messy. They can make mud out of their pool with in a day. I wish you were in my house right now all my Finches are singing actually competing against the TV. I have several breeds of Finches Zebra Finches, Strawberry Finches, Mannequin Finches, Green Singing Finches. Plus I also have my Canary. While I was in Kamloops a little while ago the birds went on sale and I am so glad I had waited. I have ordered Blue Concord Finches they will try to find me a pair. I would also like to find Gouldian Finches they are amazing Vibrant Colours.
I am inspired I want to build a very cool cage using a Goth theme kind of looking like a Goth Cathedral. I am not sure if I can pull it off but I am scheming!!
I really hope my little birds will have babies. A few years ago I had Zebra finches and they did breed. I gave those birds to my Mother in Law. I would also love to breed canaries. However I am not sure where to find those.
I would love to have an outside aviary. I wonder what I would do in the winter. I will investigate and research it. I am thinking outside would not work.
Well off to dream..scheme.. and try
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