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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Signs of Spring Today you would not know it was Spring. Cold, snow and blowing wind... I am beginning to wonder if it will ever warm up. This week I have been doing an amazing amount of yard work. It seems like it will never end. The mess! Next week the sheep shearer is coming so that will be another good job to be done with. This year I am just throwing out the wool. I find it too expensive to process plus we seem to have these great big burrs in their wool from the hay. Tonight we tagged the last of the lambs. We also banded their tails. So those chores are all done. We tagged the boys with blue tags and the girls with pink. I am not sure how many we will keep or if we will keep any. We have all summer to decide and to watch them grow. We are kind of liking the idea of hair sheep. For one bigger sheep heavier weight and no shearing.

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