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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This poor baby had his hair done yesterday. He was so amazing, so good, so happy!
This is Harry he died today.
We found him in the shelter he likes to sleep in.
Our damn weather has been so bloody awful!
I am very sad.
On a farm the reality is animals come and go. Yes I know that. However we do get very attached to some of them. And, Harry was one of them.
When we brought him home my Grandpa loved to whisper (he thought he was keeping it from my dad) :) "Now then how is our new..."... and he would roar with laughter. He loved to here Harry stories.
Sigh... this farming is just getting to damn hard for me.
I cried tonight for Harry. I felt so bad for him.
RIP buddy
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1 comment:

Silk said...

I will miss seeing him in the field..they are funny animals..i would miss Easy terribly if he left us for the big pasture in the sky..