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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today it was warm and sunny. I was able to work outside all day. An amazing amount of weeding was done in the Lavender gardens. Plus I also painted my youngest sons rabbit cage. It is pretty bright! My kids are nearly home they went up with my Mom and Dad to visit my sister for a couple of days. Today my husband went to pick them up.
We are hoping the Easter bunny finds us tomorrow.
Today I locked all our gates tied up a few dogs then I let our sheep and Alpacas have use of our whole bottom part of our yard/driveway. They were so happy. They ate, they checked things out, and they stood in my flower beds.
At one point I had to run as fast as I could, hide behind the hay shed then tip toe home...all to hide from our bottle baby. They are cute, very, very cute but they can drive you crazy.
Then poor Cowboy our Border Collie he was cornered by a Momma sheep so I had to safe him and let him in the Lavender garden. Where the poor dog then literally sat on my feet or inches away from me on the Lavender plants.
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