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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An amazing thunder storm yesterday. It traveled right near us.
I worked on a Lavender garden all morning. It was very hard work horrible hard soil, it made me sweat. I finished it in time for the storm.
I am so winning on the gardens but man oh man are they in rough shape.

Today I planted sunflower seeds in between the Lavender. I have some herbs in pots. Tomatoes are planted in the green house.

Today I hope to plant a bit at the gate. I have to plant something cow hate to eat. Ahh I hope those darn cows choke on a stem.
I feel so sorry for our neighbors they wake up each morning to Black cows in their yard! Cows that are not theirs. And, oh how they love their lilac trees...

This morning while working outside I was full of inspiration. Funny how it hits then Bam gone I This time I did go into the little Lavender house and take some notes.
It is funny how inspiration finds me. This time it was a cream coloured Rabbit with a floppy ear. He loves to nibble the soft green grass when I open the cage to feed him and his partners. His buddies are Guinea hens he is in disgrace and was kicked out of the bunny pen.
I am off to do more farm work. Have a wonderful day get outside and enjoy it.
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