Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It all about Canucks.
Very exciting to see they are moving to the Stanley Cup.
Me personally I do not watch much of it.
I come in now and then and check the score.
Truthfully it gives me ulcers. I do not  even know any of the players but I feel my stomach tightening up in knots.
I have enough of that to do over half the year with my own kids.
 So I just check in act excited and go about my own thing.
I really do hope they win though.
How wonderful would that be.

Today is a wet, dreary day but not cold.
 I am heading back outside to plant some flowers and some more lavender.
My Mom gave me a gift certificate for Easter so I bought plants.
The lights, bright, dingy, coming inside is sending my eyes crazy.
I can barely see and I just hope it does not trigger off a headache.
So I am off to find some breakfast Bananas and milk sounds awesome.
Find my rubber boots.
Track down forever missing gloves. ( I loose them all the time)
and, off top plant.
Yeah me!

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