Tuesday, May 24, 2011

 That is how I feel. I arrived home Friday and I have not quit working for two minutes. My legs hurt my feet are throbbing, my arms ache....ahhh farming.
The Lavender is a mess HUGE, HUGE, HUGE loss this year. Not really sure what to do about it. Give up...
Some of the plants are over two - three years or more dead!!!
Livestock is all good. Time to plan weaning lambs they ewes are being pulled down but I still think it is a bit early. Baby goats have started to arrive we should have a few more in the next month or so.
 The trees are in blossom. They are very pretty and smell really nice too.
I will post some pictures up in the next day or two.

My daughter also arrived back form Maui and she is now back up in TR. ready to start work.
Since arriving home I have celebrated my youngest son's birthday, our anniversary, a trip to Kelowna, saw my daughter off, kids are in school cleaned and cleaned some more...

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