Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A whirl wind of a life, that's what we are living.
 Busy, busy busy.
New baby, extreme weather that jumps around, Christmas shopping, and visiting. Yes, my oldest son and his girlfriend are home for a visit.
We are going to be having a new little goat in the near future. One of our Boer does is bred, she would be the one who was chosen to keep the separated buck company and this is how he repays me! Please pray the weather stays mild.
Our decorations are going up! it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!
The bows are on the gate and it looks so pretty. I hope to go get pictures later today.
Have a wonderful day!
What are your plans for your Christmas baking.
 I am thinking shortbread are needed.
The new Grandpa

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freshisle said...

Very precious.