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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It is always a good idea to fix a roof when you are on the ground as soon as you get up three steps of the ladder reality sets in and then you are on the actual roof get have to get your roof legs going and then all hell breaks loose when you have to get off the roof onto that little narrow ladder.
 Sigh I will never get a job a roofer J
Our weather to say the least has been down right horrible. We need a few days of sunshine after all the moisture and I am sure it will only bring the weeds up.
We have new chicks on the farm
Belgian D'Uccles
Lavender Orpington
Bantam Cochins
I might have a few other breeds but I can not remember right now.
Not too many just a couple of each. Should be fun to watch them grow up.
Our peacocks are so happy the new ones seem to be settled more and my four others are quite pleased with themselves.
I have already harvested herbs out of the garden thyme, chives, sage and lemon balm. The mini roses I planted have all returned after winter so that is quite exciting.
We have set up a play area for Cash we have most of it done now. My niece gave us a swing set for him, so Sally we do not have to take Koa's. We are still waiting on gravel but that might be awhile. Our grandson is still pretty little so he does not need too much.

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