Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The day started out chilly then settled now we are getting wind. Mother nature does not know what she wants.
We have the fence wire up around our toy area now, we have a few fence posts, swing set posts and a gate to add. Then it should be safer for Cash.
I stained the posts red to match Cash's play house and wagon. I would like to get some fresh gravel for the ground and I would like to find some nice fresh sand also.
It is kind of funny we are always fencing to keep some animal out of somewhere-the life farming. The green house is full of planted seeds and a lot of new lavender plants. I sure hope they actually grow.
Miss Molly the lavender cow

One of Molly's babies she has two.

Yesterday I had Molly the milk cow in the stall and I tied her. She was okay I fed her and left her for about an hour. This morning I fed her in her stall and she went straight to it. And, I just went out to the barn and I pet her and talked real quiet and she seemed a lot more settled.

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