Wednesday, October 14, 2015

 Fall is the air it is chilly and hot all at the same time. Since the garden season has slowed down I am making great headway in my poor neglected house. Slowly getting it cleaned, swamped out, small little projects. We live hard in our house all summer as I spend 99% of the time outside farming and gardening.
 We have had a busy September/October birthday dinners, quick trips to visit our son, hockey, thanksgiving.
I have painted the kids bathroom I didn't pick the colour the girls did I said just get paint you both like. I just wanted to clean and make it simple.
Fall wonderful colours. So pretty we are getting some great rain and man oh man did we need it. So I hope it is filling the rivers, the well restoring all the water areas.

I am already thinking of Christmas it is such a happy, fun time of year. I have my fingers crossed all my children can come home I know it is harder and harder each year as they are all working and having there own lives.
I am off to be inspired yesterday and today I am tackling my closet this is not an undertaking for the light of heart. I always make a mess to make progress.
Then next up the two linen closets oh wish me luck we have to have so many extra blankets for winter as it is so cold in our house but we suffer all summer with no where to put them. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to these jobs being done.

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