Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sheep are moved, sheep feeder fixed, sheep waterier carried over. Goats removed, goats running loose, goats still keeping us on our toes. Last auction run of the year, chores cut down.  Thoughts of Miss Molly the milk cow to come home.
The gardens are tired, the ornaments are put away and the flowers and being cut down.
Winter is near it is so hard to believe how fast the year is going.
Sam is into hockey now his home tournament is done and we are moving along with every weekend games. His schooling is also moving along already approaching his first part of is Graduation transition  being due.
Miss Molly will be coming home soon.

This little guy was neutered yesterday. We were told he needs obedience school. They muzzled him, tranquilized  him as soon as we got him n the door. poor guy he was scared.

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