Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Miss Tanisha at my Birthday dinner


Today was full again. It started quite early to my oldest son suffering from a very sore shoulder. He had a hot bath in Epsom's salt. He then went to work at the fire base and had to take all the fitness tests again. I am not sure why. He just did them. He was very happy with his results had the best time in both. One test is 5km (I think) in full gear, boots and forty eight pound back pack. If I remember what he said it was 37 minutes.
While I was doing my chores at 6:30 am it had quit raining the sun was shining, The birds were singing. But alas it did not last. We have fresh snow in the mountains above us. So with a day of snow, rain, wind quite cool go figure my son is fighting forests fires. I can not believe how crazy our weathers is. It truly makes no sense at all. I drove my kids to school then I went back to pick up my daughter from work. I brought Nana home for a quick visit the new left again to pick up the kids. Our days are full of back and forth to town all day long.
I moved quite a bit of gravel bucket by bucket. I do not think I will get it all done before I go. So I will just get my husband to leave it for me until I get home.
I am off to find kids and get them in for bed.
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