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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More birthday pictures

Being silly

Making a wish

Today was a very fun day. I was early, did chores, saw my husband off to work, oldest son left by five. Headed into town to take my kids to school. Then off to Kamloops I went. I met my friend at the mall left my van there and drove with her. Yes I am big chicken to drive. I have a good reason my van is having issues it goes all over the road, shimmers in the steering wheel and brake. Not fun I had to go quite slow. It took me along time to come home.
We went to future shop. Wal mart bought birthday party stuff. Micheal's bought some school drawing books for Miss Hyacinth. Had a booster juice in the Mall. Then we had tea at an English tea house. Very Fun Very cool. thank you for taking me there Nickie. Then we were off to have a pedicure. Nickie's treat again thank you. I am sporting some very blue toes with a cute flower and gem . I am so ready for Maui. Nickie's toes are purple. We then went to look at fifth wheels for Nickie.
Then here was the fun part....????I am being a bit sarcastic.Thanks Rob. However I will be forever grateful to keep those germs at bay. I went to the hospital sat in an ambulance and was tested for a face mask. We laughed so hard poor Rob could not have a serious moment if he tried. I will show you the pictures. I am officially sized for a mask. Bring on the germs......
My friend and I do not get together very often but man do we ever laugh a lot. We have been friends since grade eight. We are planning a trip to Kelowna later this summer to go to a you pick Lavender farm. That's sounds so cool. I hope we really do it. Then within the next year we are taking our girls my three and her two for a fun day out. Grad dress shopping, lunch maybe toes done. Well must run take care.
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