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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does anyone know the name of this bug? We have never seen it before and a whole swarm of them are eating up one of our lilac trees.
Our skies were funny today over cast, stormy looking but still very nice and warm.
Today I made Cherry Jam and Raspberry Jam. I would like to buy some Black berries to make Jam but those berries are quite expensive.
I also took the time to move some of the lavender out of the green house. Now the work begins, digging holes and planting. If I think about it tonight it is definitely overwhelming.
I am off for the night have a very good sleep.
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Silk said...

Don't buy black berries... just head off to the coast in a month or so, and you can get tons of them... for FREE....

Anonymous said...

I just searched the name of the bug. It's technical name is painintheassropod.

~ Love your niece.