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Monday, July 19, 2010

How would you like to be called Kitty Kitty Black. This is this guys poor name.
Today I did a quick trip to Kamloops to give my sister in law a ride over. I left my kids with my Mom and Dad. While I waited I ran into JYSK and bought a lawn chair then I was treated to a lunch.
Today our weather was beautiful, it sure is nice to enjoy the sun. I have brought in my bird cage I am building. It is way to big to be a project at the kitchen table. I truly do not know if I can pull of a cathedral look.
My next outside project is my new Lavender garden. My Dad has plowed it, the kids have helped remove rocks. So I may get Dad to re - plow it then maintain the weeds and dig the holes. Then I will wait until the next couple of cool days to transplant. Slowly I am chipping away at projects. We cleaned the barn out we do have some more bales to use up. Well off to finish up for the night and to make sure I take the phone to bed as my oldest son is on call. It is kind of funny I do have trouble turning the phone on at night in my room :)
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