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Saturday, July 03, 2010

I am exhausted absolutely exhausted. Exhausted from celebrating. We have had birthday parties many, many birthday parties. We have had Grad, Grad dinner, Grad hair - do's, Grad visiting, ceremonies, dances, dry grads, and pictures. We have had many awards days, dances, Grade six graduations. We have had year end trips, friends over. Kamloops trips by the armful. No sleep, dogs barking, stress, flights, birthday shopping  and now I need a rest. I truly am exhausted.
Today we woke up at four am after a night of no sleep headed off to Kamloops to the airport. We saw our daughter off then we picked up parts for the truck. Then it was back home  to pick up the kids and head of to Kelowna for the day. We arrived home at eight pm. My husband is working on his logging truck we just finished cleaning and now I hope my bed is near very, very near.
After I take the time to work on my books I hope to finish my floor over in the little house then work on the Lavender gardens and do some barn work.
We had quite nice weather in Kelowna today but I guess it was pretty miserable here at home.
You will have noticed I did not post much last week. I could not upload a post or a picture most of the week. I think I have it figured out again. So here's to a week full of stories.

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