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Monday, July 12, 2010

These two little finches are actually more green. They are singing finches and sound amazing. They are a male and female. I have a total of nine little birds. A pair of Mannequin, a pair of Strawberry, a pair of Zebra, these two and a Canary. I would like them all to have little babies. I am making a three cage in one. I am hoping it turns out nice but it is looking a little rough right now. I saw red ear finches on Saturday that I may purchase in the next while. My son wants to build an aviary outside. I would but I am not sure about winter and I can only have so many in the house without it smelling like a chicken house:) There is a man in town who raises birds so we could always go question him. If I did build on it would have to sit near power for heat and close to the house I thought near the front deck. Maybe it will be a late summer project and if my birds have babies the babies could go in there. Then have it closed for winter.
Our Winters can get down right nasty. So a lot of research will have to go into the building and heat.
However no real new projects will be started until I finish a few I have started. I must work the ground for the lavender. I need to plant that end of the month. I must finish my floor in my little house. I really only have a little more to do and then finish my bird cage.
Last night the wind was so bad I really did not get any sleep. The night before we had a fire scare that could have been devastating for our neighbor hood. An old log cabin caught on fire among some very dry bug killed wood. It was very stressful for a couple hours as we planned, gathered, moved things out of the dry areas and wet other areas down. If we did not have this group of trees just on the other side of our fence that are dead and so dry we would not worry as much.
Well I am off
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freshisle said...

And now birds! I don't know how you find the time.
A fire scare is not nice. Glad you are safe.