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Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful Fall
The Fall season can be so pretty. I am quite happy I live in a part of a country with seasons. Today was gray very, very gray but not very cold.
We went for a walk to the top of our property and found a huge egget (not too sure on how to spell that). We were quite excited about it.
I have a full week ahead of school meetings, meeting teachers, hockey, we have tournaments, hockey games, fund raisers, dances, trick or treating and six thirty am practices. I know I should not wish my life away but I will be happy when this weeks is over. I hate booked weeks.
Well I am off to try to get some kids to bed. Have a wonderful night and enjoy these last fall days.
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1 comment:

Jane said...

I hate booked weeks too,i so like the slow pace of life.....maybe I am getting old!aaaaah