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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What a fun day. I tried Skype with Tanisha today twice. That was fun. We had set it up before she left but never tried it until today. A busy day here I started last night and then worked up until lunch time on our books. My husband spent the day working on the logging truck and two trips to Kamloops. He is still not home but should be soon. Then hopefully some time tomorrow he will find wood. His roads have a road block on them so he can not haul. Someone must pissed they are not getting their cut. I am so passe all that.
Our Thanksgiving weekend is coming up so I think we will have a turkey dinner. My Mom is away in Maui with Tanisha and my Dad is going away to visit my sister and her family. And, for us we will try to squeeze a nice dinner in around hockey.
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