Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is my town.
Today I took Hunter the hound dog for a walk. He is so funny. I really wish I could film him he really is hilarious. Then this afternoon I had parent teacher interviews for my two youngest children. Sam I am is good. I was told he is quiet. Hmmmm not too sure that is right. Miss Hyacinth is doing okay. I think her french teacher is just touching base.
Now tomorrow is leaving home at five thirty am. Oh my gosh I am glad you can not read my mind right now. What is wrong with these coaches now a days. Somewhere school has to be a priority. They are even making tournaments on school days now. Just in case I forget I truly hate rep hockey.
Well I need to go pack my bag so I can entertain myself for a couple of hours while I wait in the truck.
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Jane said...

Yes my nephew seems to spend a lot of time travelling for his hockey,last week they were in Trail and my mother in law says that is 7 hrs from kamloops.
I have showed my sons girlfriend your blog front page as they are going to BC/kamloops next week and she is desperate to see a bear so I wanted to let her know they aren't too far away from human habitation...
She has no clue how cold it will be so hope she doesn't get frostbite!!It is very cool our kids can visit Canada at almost the same age as me when I met their Dad.thanks for sharing your blog I really enjoy it.