Friday, June 12, 2015

A golden sky last night due to the smoke of a forest fire. It can be devastation in one area that makes beauty in another area. All afternoon the sky casted a golden finish to everything. This morning the it was raining quite heavy which we needed after all the intense heat we had.

 Her is Miss Molly loving her baby little nelly she is such a sweet little girl but has a spunky attitude. Molly seems to have settled down and is much more enjoyable to have around.
Our farm is in full throttle busy we have young chickens growing out, we have nine baby ducklings, we have baby bunnies, the young goats are growing nicely. We dewormed the goat herd two weeks ago so I hope that will help them perk up I had bought a herd of goats this winter and they were not the healthiest bunch and I am trying like crazy to get them to fatten up. They have green grass, browsing to do, hay in the feeder, minerals, salt and fresh water but now it is up to them.

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