Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Something new happening in my Creative time a new blanket it will be full of wonderful colours.  The colours of a garden Spring and Summer Inspiration. The green of the leaves  from light fern, mild middle green to the dark rich green of leaves. The purple and pinks of my lilacs that was the actual start of the Inspiration. The pinks of peonies, the soft and delicate colours of roses. The brown of the tree barks and the browns of the soil. Then with little pops of bright sunny sunshine yellow. All bordered with the bright white.

 Everything is growing so big this year all the trees seem to trying to reach the sky. Everything in the gardens seems a smidgen early and sadly the late frost did most of the blossoms on the fruit trees in. So we don't get to retire being orchard growers as I can only see under twenty Apples. 

 Miss Hyacinth started her first day at her job. This is a very big step we are so proud of her. Here I made her stand in the sun so bright she could hardly see. Then off she went.

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