Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Good Projects here on the farm in the evening when all the days work is done I do a little crocheting it really is addicting to see the colours work, to see the end result.

The kids all had projects here they are getting the tires ready to paint. This is our youngest son's truck he just got his license a few weeks ago. In the picture you can see our fire fighter returned from Alberta so many forest fires already this season.

Here is a cute boy he is growing up so much. He is showing me the lovely flowers in his back yard. Yesterday I spent the day with him at the farm he is so happy and a little tractor crazy.
On a farm note Miss Molly the cow is milking great she has learned to go into her stall and she is crazy for her grain. She is still really not  relaxed she eats at a fast pace, walks at fast pace and even licks her calf at a fast pace.

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