Thursday, June 11, 2015

Milking Miss Molly freshened May 28 2015 we are not both quite good at milking it took a bit for her to settle down and for me to get brave to sit under her but we did it. She is calm as long as no one goes near her calf. In the picture above is the butter I made. I named her calf Nelly I could not find a name that fit her but this seems to.
This afternoon a forest fire broke out near Lytton so it is quite smoky and everything has a golden glow it is kind of hard on the eyes.

 This little guy is Wookie he is quite the character and is totally lonesome for Hyacinth. Hyacinth started a new job this week and this poor puppy is quite lost without her.
We are still waiting on lambs still none. It has been a messed up year for lambing and kidding a dragged out season. I hope next year will be better.

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