Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kid Fun

The kids had fun putting this together however I think they had more fun stealing off it!

This is a game we are going to do at my son's birthday it may seem a bit Morbid but I know they will have fun and I am going to make my husband be in charge.

Today we went to the bank and picked up our English pounds and Euros so now we are officially ready. I learned a very important lesson today. I tried to dress Spring like and I absolutely froze so out of my suit case went a few skirts and in went more pants. I can not take the cold it makes me feel really sick.
Tonight I am dealing with a bloated bottle baby I do hope he makes it.
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Anonymous said...

Like mom always says, "Every nice house has yellow bananas."
Miss you lots. Love you.

freshisle said...

No, not morbid, just typical country kids around here.
I hope you have a wonderful trip!