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Monday, April 07, 2008

Today after my children were in school maybe 1 hour I had a phone call from the school to come pick up my youngest son he was sick. They told me he was reading in the front of the class doing fine he looked up his eyes rolled back into his head he tried to find his spot and started swaying... he is the one with the red face in earlier pictures. I have always had trouble with getting him to school he likes school likes his friends enjoys the activities and does fairly well but he is always coming home. So we will try again tomorrow. I am very worried when I am in England if he is not well in school so I am off soon to give them a whole load of phone numbers of how to get home. I don't think my husband will look for work while I am away there is just so much to do here with the farm and the kids( he is officially on break up as of today we just got the phone call) SIGH... love him home but no pay cheque.
We picked the kids up after school and went to Kamloops so it was fun whirl wind crazy but the kids had fun. On our way home we saw a huge fire where the fire crew was burning and it got away... sucks to be them. The fire trucks were parked as huge flames were coming up an embankment heading straight for a Grave yard on a Reserve I feel sorry for them.
I am off to bed morning comes quite early and last night I did not sleep one little bit. I can feel stress building up I have chewed my nails, cold sores sigh it sucks having bad nerves. Have a good night talk to you all soon.

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