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Saturday, April 05, 2008

My youngest son woke up with this thick red rash on his cheeks, no fever though. We figure it is either this thing called Slap Face or a reaction to the pool he went to when he attended the science fair. It is much thicker and redder when you look at him.
Is that a goat in my house... Sunflower is her name and she is so bad very, very, very bad drives me nuts there is always one.
This is a new bowl I bought today for our cat George it was in the house for less than 5 minutes and I asked my youngest son to go give it to him a few minutes later he said " are going to be mad at me" and I asked "why" he broke the bowl seriously it was not even 5 minutes in our house. NO I could not be mad because I could just not believe it.
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