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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last night we had a baby breach it was so backwards it took awhile but we got it out unfortunately we could not get it to take a breath nothing I did worked. It was a little girl she was very big and strong looking, such a shame. It was another late night and early morning I have had to be my middle daughters wake up call while she was away playing soccer which is no big deal except I can't sleep for checking my alarm clock all night.
We took my youngest daughter to soccer I am not too sure about that but I will keep my opinion to myself as long as she likes it she can play. Personally I can not see her liking it...I won''t criticize I will just watch and see. We then went to Kamloops to buy soccer stuff and Rugby stuff I have gone this route before with my older kids. So far non of them have been rugby players so here we go again.
It was really nice out today I do hope it lasts. Well I must go to bed I am very tired tonight.

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