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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rain, wind, snow, hail and a fire burning in the stove. That is how are days are going.
It is kind of funny to be working outside with your jacket on and zipped up as high as it can go. I have run out of fire wood again. I guess soon it will be so hot we won't be able to breath.
The Lavender is coming. I was out weeding one of the gardens today and I can see some growth. One garden is actually doing quite well. So this year I hope to get the new Lavender in the ground earlier so it can get a good root going before next winter.
I also washed off the front deck to get rid of the tom cat smell. Gosh it is bad enough if it was my own cat but someone Else's.
Today I am off to pick up the kids after school, maybe take my sixteen year old for his learners if he has not chickened out again. Then we are baby sitting over night. We are babysitting a very bad speckled little boy with big floppy ears. HUNTER a twelve week old Beagle. My daughter has to work a full day tomorrow so the little darling is coming to chew up my house.
Well I am warmed up now so I am off to do some more work.
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