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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Yesterday was a fun full day. I planted some seed in the green house worked in the barn. Enjoyed a very nice dinner with My Mom and Dad and most of my children. Then we went for a walk up back on our property a cold walk. The wind is so cold lately. I really enjoy walking up top checking out how the trees have come down we sure will have a lot of brush piles this winter.
Today Allan and I are off on an adventure. My girls are all together in town and the boys are all together at home. I hope not too be gone all day. I love short little trips then I can do so much more in the day. So I am off I hope to get a few pictures. Have a wonderful day.
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Gail said...

I love your table! Did you make it or buy?

Sunflower Farm said...

Yes I did make it. I made it a few years ago. It does not weather very well though