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Monday, May 03, 2010

Waiting for Summer. It is such a cold windy day today and fresh new snow all around us. The wind just cuts right through me as I work outside. I am planning new projects first one should be my house it needs cleaning and tiding. Our home sure takes a beating after a weekend. Then I many, many rocks to move so a project is in the plans. I also should tidy at the gate and up the driveway.
Yesterday we got the baking out of the way. Here in our we do not have a baking day that is good for the week two days tops for us:)
I am going to head into town after lunch to salvage puppy for Nana it is his first time alone this morning. He is a very bad beagle full of mischief, but oh is he cute.
Bulk bag of grain is ordered so it will be coming home soon. One daughter is off on a school trip to Victoria. I sure hope she find nice weather.
Well of to do some laundry and cleaning. Have a wonderful day
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