Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Another very busy day. Firewood lots of Firewood the kids and I brought in two bucket loads. The last load I will have to unload in the morning. I used the tractor quite a bit moved hay, plus wood and tree trimmings. I have decided to leave my Ram in until the fifteenth. That will still give me time to get the lambing done before I leave with my mom to visit my sister.
It is amazing how much work there is to do outside. A person could spend a whole day outside for the whole year and I am not sure if they would win.
It is not until after lunch time that the hoses can be used.
I am battling out with a Squirrel everyday he fills my water trough full of pine cones, and everyday I empty it. Then we start the battle again the next day. I am sure the strong pine water is not good for my Alpaca.
It is snowing tonight a stress I so do not want to deal with.
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