Monday, November 22, 2010

Cold morning -18 and our back pellet stove has decided to quit working!! Now what.
WONDERFUL weather for an ice rink though. I have been working on one since last week. Very chilly job. I cheated yesterday and put a sprinkler on :) So as soon as I check the animals and have coffee with Mom and Dad I will go work on it.
We finally caught the wandering Llama he has been out since the night of all the bears. It belongs to an older lady down the road. We were trying to ignore it but the day before I felt so sorry for it and yesterday he was looking for water. That was when we decided we would get it in and take it home for her. The last time we took it home she ignored my boys, offered to let us get rid of it etc... Soo lets hope he is not back in my hay stack.
I still do not have my computer back yet well over a week now. I am so not happy.
Well I should run just thought I should check in and make sure you are all okay.

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Silk said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you... maybe my dogs will settle down now... he drove Jackson absolutely nuts.. and Levi and Dixie jumped the fence to hassle him... thank you, thank you