Monday, November 29, 2010

It is amazing how fast this year has flown by. It was just like a week ago when these trees were the same and I was in amazement. Oh my goodness where is time going. I am not sure I like how fast it is going by.
I have my computer back and I am not too sure I am happy with it. However at least now I can see what I am typing and I can put up pictures again. I do have to deal with my 26,512 photos though. I guess when I by some Cd's I will start moving them over again. Then after Christmas I will start printing some out. I do have a lot of them printed but I find it is a lot of money to do too many at once.
I am winning with my Christmas shopping and that makes me happy. I may even start to decorate soon in my house. I can on Wednesday it will the first of December !!! And, for the kids that means Chocolate calenders. I also think I should by some hot chocolate and more eggnog.
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