Monday, August 27, 2007

Hi I am back mom and I had a nice trip we went to a lot of Antique stores, gift stores and a lot of driving because we got majorly lost! It took us 7 hotels until we found a room and it was just getting cancelled when mom went into ask very busy, very crazy.
Would anyone like to know how stressful life is let me tell you my son was off to a party on Saturday his second it was because he is going away so he was off to meets some friends. I would not say yes or agree I made him ask his father "I wanted nothing to do with it" so he manages to find alcohol and all was fine until his friends go to leave. There is a boy who does not like my son no real reason I guess they just don't get along. So my son is by himself they start mouthing each other off then start fighting which would be fine but an older boy jumps my son and they are hitting, kicking him, and must have scratch him because his back is full of scratches just like a girl fight. It must have caught him off guard then on top of the drinking he doesn't remember much other than if does not know if he would be around if his friend did not notice and come and help him get them off him. He will not tell me much but my husband filled me in on some of the details the older boy who jumped him is known to police. So now a one on one fight is one thing but two on one is another and the older boy does not even have anything to do with my son. My son had never been in anything like this he is not a fighter and even going to the parties is new. My son has scratches on his back like he was fighting a bear, a big goose egg on his head, I see a cut on the side of his head, I heard him getting dress saying ow his leg is hurting him and he is cut on the leg.
I guess it was a good thing I was not home my husband wanted to go the police about the older boy who jumped him he did go talk to a retired police man about what we should do they said press charges but I hesitate to do that. That is like opening up a whole can of worms... I know my kids are not perfect but I really dislike other peoples kids right now and at the same time I am so grateful for his friend who saved him.
I knew deep down something was going to happen that is why I would not have anything to do with him going. and just wait until he wants to go out to a party again NO the answer is NO.
My dad son and husband are building our hay shed they are getting so far it is very exciting. I will post pictures on the start to finish soon.

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