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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Morning
Today is a different type of day we are off to a funeral I usually avoid this type of things at all cost but unfortunately I could not come up with a good enough excuse and also it is my husband's Grandma. We are taking the kids we usually wouldn't but she was cremated and I did not want to deal with explaining a body. I hope it does not sound cold but my younger one still have issues dealing with this type of reality... who am I kidding it's me I hate every second of death, bodies, family get together. The only type of family get together I like are Happy ones and my own personal family ...terrible selfish isn't it.
However Gran was a very nice kind person she was fun to visit she moved away quite some time ago so my kids don't know her my older two remember her but they just tell me they did not know she was related
On a different note my Billy Goats are in Heaven they smell horrible their whole heads are covered in yellow from peeing on themselves and the girls are flagging them with their tails. Poor ole Handsome looked a little thin from all his running around I may switch boys half way.
Well I must run so far I have ironed 4 white dress shirts ,3 black dress pants and black Wranglers now to see what the girls are wearing. Have a pleasant day

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