Friday, July 22, 2011

A cold start to our day only four degrees, it did warm up though. I am told it is going to warm up. An amazing amount of stuff was accomplished today. I worked on my web site, did chores, played with the dogs, did laundry, and harvested a small amount of lavender.
I picked herbs today, some very wonderful herbs.
 All of them to go into our own mixture of Herbs De Provence.
Then late this afternoon I painted the pillars on our gate....a surprise colour.  I hope to paint the rest of the gate tomorrow depending on the weather. The main gate will or should stay white. Hmmm that does sound boring.
My Dad and Mom are away and I love to surprise my dad with something clever and new for him to admire. :) :0 !!!!
 I bet he can't wait.
 I have done some wonderful projects when he has been away. Our gate was made and put up while he was away. The trees planted down the driveway were planted while he was away. The amazing sign was made and put up while he was away. The planters on the sign were another project while he was away. The rock planter on the driveway was done while he was away. Another rock planter was built while he was away. All three lavender gardens were planted on different times he was away. A fence or two or three was built while he was away. I could continue all night. But, am I clever all projects were done by me!!!!
Now that I see my list forming painted the gate is so mellow. Yah but I guess the colour will make up for it.
Well I am off to have a Creative weekend. What will you do?

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