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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer time is a time full on Inspiration. I try to fit a bit of time for Creating. The Antique lamp is Kerosene that was from our old homestead ranch. The lamp is now electric and hangs in my French Provence inspired office.
The basket is made out of a collection of Standing Willows, May tree. Grape Vine, Virgina Creeper and Lavender. This is the first time I have put a handle on one.

Quite a few years ago my friend Nickie taught me to make baskets. This friend always has a creative moment and never fails to teach me. This is also the friend who has the most amazing sewing machine who does sewing for my Lavender web site.  That in turn set me out to plant willow trees.

 Another friend Irene found some standard willows from her friends house and marched down the road dragging these long, long willow clippings. Then phoned me up to tell me she found some willows. All I could do was laugh when I realized how big they were. She was awesome.
 Too funny really some wonderful memories

So because of these people, these friends both of who I do not see often have made my life have some great creative memories. Even though at the time they were a just day. It really is amazing how something someone affects your life. Look around today what will Inspire you? What will help you be Creative!
 Who will change a moment in your life for the better.
All of these memories, stories were reminded over coffee with my Mom and Dad this morning.


Moments Forever Captured said...

thanks friend ..miss you too..Nickie

Moments Forever Captured said...

thank you friend..miss you too..Nickie