Sunday, July 10, 2011

I hope the Sunshine's today. Chilly morning here not even five above this early morning. If and when it does look beautiful today I am off to plant some Lavender. I have so many projects roaming around my head, hard to figure out which one to do first. I wish I could  hire someone to build for me...I have so many dreams and plans.
Yesterday we went off to kamloops two of my girls went to a movie. While they watched their show I hung out at Chapters I am sure they thought I was casing the place. I hate looking around in a store when all they do is think your going to steal. Sad isn't it how are world has become so harsh. I even changed my  purse before I left to a smaller one. However how they think you are going to get a book out of the store is beyond me. Still had fun. I had three books I was looking for they did not carry one of them. Sigh I had such good hopes of reading them.
Well off to start the day. Have a very nice Sunday

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