Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My youngest son is moving his bedroom into my oldest son's room.
Ahh will it ever end the mess, the stuff...oh the mess.

My oldest son came home for a few days with his girlfriend. They needed to pick up stuff they had in storage. He also needed a vehicle. Jord was planing on fixing his truck but nothing was going as planned. He thought about renting a U-hual truck to take his stuff up there.
 He however lives in the middle of no where! So with no truck living in the middle of no where I think he would go crazy. So he bought a new one.
A new truck is no easy decision. He was stressed. I was stressed. My husband was stressed. It all worked out in the end. His truck is lovely. He left in a whirl wind. Now all we have to do is get him closer to home.

When he left, I felt sick.
It never gets any easier when they leave. Have you ever had a lump in your throat so big that burns you, it threatens to suffocate you. Oh my God I was sad. It is so hard to let them go.
I worried about them driving, I worried about the wildlife, I worry this is not his dream job, I pray, I pray with all my heart my kids will stay away from alcohol and drugs.  I worry so much for my kids
Yet I am happy, very happy for him, for all of them. They will be okay. They will be okay because we have raised them well, we have taught them well. My husband and I are very lucky because our kids take the time to phone every day sometimes many, many phone calls. They tell us their stories. They ass us our opinion. They tell us their dreams, their hurts. We are truly blessed.

And, you can imagine with six children I worry a lot.

I have four children still living at home. Four very loud, happy, full of it children. They have been full of piss and vinegar all summer. They have been so happy, so very happy they do not have to got to school. I over heard them talking. "Can you believe it we don't have to go to school" Ahh so very , very happy.
Here's to the rest of a wonderful summer. A summer where there has been no warmth every where in Canada it is hot, burning up except BC.

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