Saturday, July 09, 2011

What a full wonderful day yesterday.

The day started shiny, bright with the sun on my face through the bedroom window. I truly have the most amazing bed. It is one my husband made for us with gorgeous batten burg top edging, amazing cotton sheet and the most incredible duvet.
There is a very soft fountain just moving enough water to sigh not keep you up like you are next to a river.

 There are memories from all my trips with my Mom.

 Lavender, beautiful lavender in bunches in a frame and Lavender linen sprayed daily on our sheets and duvet.
Amazing crystals, shells
Oh and my husbands of hats, he quite likes his hats. I try to nicely pile them for him:). Thank goodness he is not a decorator.
I don't think he minds our room because it is peaceful.
Something funny when he was falling asleep last week he knocked the flowers on the bed frame near our heads.
Then I heard him say "Damn it is hard to be a Princess"! :)
It really has the most wonderful feeling

In our room you feel like you are waking up in Europe.

Today you should all clean your room, make it feel wonderful. Change your sheets, open your windows. Make it your style. Make it so you sleep like a Princess.
I am sure a lot of you do not have a husband as easy going as me so make it work for both of you.
Then when you wake up tomorrow morning even better on a wonderful Sunday.
 Smile it will so be worth it.

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