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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last night I did not sleep all that well. Restless I kept waking up not full awake wide awake just enough to say darn it go to sleep and is it morning yet.
 Have you ever felt someone in your room?
 Some may say it is crazy or Yup I am nuts...well for whatever reason it happens to me.
 Last night I woke up to a having a white figure next me, no face or actual body but a nice white soft image fairly tall. The person, angel was not scary not mean feeling but calm and just there standing right beside me while I slept. I never thought to look over at my husband to see if he had an angel...All I thought was Wooo had a good look and thought it was okay. However I was restless the rest of the night but not scared. Make sense
I thought about all morning it makes me smile.
 Then my middle daughter has to be up by six am. So up she got. When she came out she was tired, even though she just bought a new bed and slept very nice.She said to me "Ahh Mom I can't sleep there was someone in my room last night.Sitting on my laundry pile watching me." "I thought it was Sam"
I never mentioned my night to her or to my other kids. They would all end up in my bed and none of us would sleep
So that was our eventful night.

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