Monday, September 25, 2006

Looking back over my Blog I am sure I posted a entry since the last one but I can not see it so I am thinking it is in Cyber Space floating. We have been incredibly busy here I have built two gates put in 6x6 x8 square fence posts so each gate hangs and joins in the middle at our bottom entrance I have painted them white so it looks real nice. We were hanging them in the dark last night with the light from the tractor ( there is just not enough day light these days)and of course it did not go smooth. So my husband and son were scheming how to make it open wide enough so the low bed and logging truck loaded can go through. I am not saying too much because we still had a lot to do and it was getting late and I just wanted it done. However there is always a reason for what I do it may not seem like it but always I have a good reason. The gate was built with small spaces between wood to keep out the neighbors dogs out and to keep my dogs in, to keep out the ranch below cows, the other neighbors Llama and the Reserve horses out and to keep my donkey in. Yet now my gate is hanging up side down bigger space now on the bottom and it is just plain back to front and yet I am still trying to keep the peace so I said "Oh it is okay I will just hang a wreath on it and it will be fine" My son starts to laugh and they flipped the gates moved them about and now they are all fine.
Did you ever notice that the simple things always seem to take the long way around yesterday we had 4 ice times a whole day of a refing Clinic and on the last ice time which was 2 hours long the coach then decides to add on dry land training it is Sunday night and no hope for a Sunday family dinner (on top of it we ended up in the concessions stand again) My poor daughter had to cook supper and after many, many phone calls supper was turned up turned down and then just turned off. I also ended up to the early morning practice with my youngest son to find his skates not there my other daughter had them and she was at a friends house...Honestly I could go on and on about our crazy weekend but it is just to long to type.
During our hectic weekend our little Yorkshire Terrier end up shook by a bigger dog which then caught his eye and made his eye ball pop out so it was a dash to the vet on a Sat. Which they close at noon so over time, surgery, medicine and thank God the vet did not have time to get the bill ready. I'm okay with ignorance, what I don't know will keep me calm :)
With all the busy things knitting has been put on the back burner but I did finish the fingerless gloves I was working on and I did spin up two bobbins of thick and thin Angora now I just need to ply them together and I am spinning some lovely Mohair that I dyed at our dyeing workshop.
On Wed. My spinning group is coming here for the day so that should be fun. I hope to post photo's but lately I can not get any pictures to post.

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Laura said...

Oh my good HEAVENS!! What a busy crazy time you have every single day! And the dog's eye popped out?! Pardon me for a slight giggle. It reminds me of a very similar story that a friend tells when her bigger dog did the same thing to her chihuahua - she always says "it popped out and there it was just like a coctail olive!" The vet couldn't save her dog's eye - is yours okay?

At least this post doesn't involve bears. hehe Take care and here's hoping everyone can stay well and not get the flu. We're scheduled to get flu shots in the middle of October. I hope we stay well until then! :)