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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy day today my older kids started their job for the next 5 days of farm sitting so there is a lot of coming and going. My middle daughter finished her exams today's and that is good. My middle son is finished school now because of his hives he won't be going back so we went to collect his stuff. This leaves the youngest two they are in school until next Thursday it will be hard for them to focus and stay in school. In between running today I have been working in the front yard it is coming along I hope the work holds up only time will tell. I have been working on my felting project in the evenings it is fun but I find it is not something to take along and work on to many little pieces of fibre.
I am joining a 201o Olympic wool challenge I have received my wool and I am ready to craft it is quite exciting. I will talk to you all soon it is amazing how fast the morning arrives.

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