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Friday, June 08, 2007

Today is Friday actually I am not to sure what happened to Thursday. I guess it was spent separating goats sheep and cutting Angora rabbits wool I did so many I have big blisters on my hand and I am still not finished. I hope to get all done within this weekend or ideal would be this weekend but I doubt it. I am going to a felting course on Sunday so that will take up most of the day. I hope to take photos and I will post some of them if I do.
We are into a very busy time around here but I don't actually know when it is not busy I must make time to deal with my wool that will get done as soon as I catch up on my rabbits. I am desperately trying to stay awake my daughter is coming home from Kamloops and it is dark and late and my oldest son is at a birthday party and is not coming home tonight and my middle son is at a friends house. Why can they all not just stay home!!!!!!!!!

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