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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Today was very warm then we had a storm trying to blow in but it did not amount to anything but cooled it down for awhile. It took me the whole day to weed eat and mow the lawn. At supper time we had 3-4 cows (there was 12 of them) push down are fence at the front of our property it was our best fence 6 feet high of heavy chain link. Oh my goodness I was so made fuming unbelievable mad and thank goodness the goats were up in the top field. If my goats new the fence could come down there would be no holding them and by the way it was also electric. So now tomorrow we have to go and fix fences then to top it off our heifer is in heat and keeps wrecking the fence into the Buck pen. I swear everyone should count there lucky stars that NO ONE TAUGHT ME HOW TO SHOOT, There would be a whole bunch of dead cows right now. When I write about it doesn't seem so bad but at the time it makes us so angry and now it means a day or two of fixing fence. We get one step forward and 100 back.
Even though it was stressful with the cows it was a lovely weekend very warm the kids swam lots both Sat. and Sun. We had three birthday parties to attend or the children did.
I took my two oldest girls to Kamloops on Friday afternoon it was nice we had fun looking in the mall and just hanging out.
I have started to take a little time to knit again it is with the most amazing wool I love it.

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