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Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21

Happy Summer Solstice... happy Aboriginal day... What are your plans to celebrate?
We are having a wiener roast and Marshmallow in the front yard for supper and maybe a nice after supper treat. I might even take time out to spin tonight to make it special. However that all would be good if I wasn't so tired late to be 11:30pm then wide awake at 2am and then a phone call at 5:40am are we missing a horse, donkey and a very miserable mule so it took us 45minutes to get them in and it is so good that horrible mule found his way home. Our mule is very cute but no one can work with him he is bad... if you ever read of a mule up in the wild don't phone me:) I will admit to nothing.
Our front yard is coming along I would like to do some cement work today in between the cement slabs add some shells, rocks to mosaic it up should be fun if I get the time and no more interruptions. I will post photo's later of our celebrations have a wonderful day enjoy the longest day of the year.

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